++OPHIS signs with FDA RECORDS++

With no doubt, the world is doomed to death ! Terrible, but we're the ones who present the soundtrack to the world's end. We're really proud to announce the signing with OPHIS for their new upcoming album !!
OPHIS is a international synonymous for raw, nihilistic and intense Death-Doom Metal from Germany and their new album named "The Dismal Circle" will strike like a bomb in fall 2017.
Let the band tell you something about the new record:
„We are not exaggerating or telling you bullshit when we say that OPHIS and most of its members went through one hell of a shit time during the last 2 years. At least this is good for you, because our new album sure reflects that. And misery is what you crave for, admit it.
It is always difficult to comment on your own music so shortly after recording, but we think „The Dismal Circle“ turned out to be a very dark record. And a fucking grinding one. A little more compact and more wicked than „Abhorrence In Opulence“ (which was relatively complex by our standards) and with a less polished production more reminiscent of „Withered Shades“. Our two new members Steffen and Simon definitely brought some butt-kick to the game.
It is a more personal album this time, which is also reflected in the lyrics. To us it has an almost claustrophobic feeling.
We know that FDA Records has a reputation of releasing very rotten, violent underground art, and although their main focus lies on Death Metal, we think we fit in this tradition pretty well – as far as rotten violence goes. We are proud to be part of that great roster!
You don't have to fear any mellowness in the new OPHIS album. It features everything that this band ever stood for – and yet has a slightly different atmosphere. This record features some of our favourite OPHIS-tracks ever, and we hope you will agree when you hear it. And if not you'd still have something to complain about. Remember, misery is what you crave for...
DOOM ON! Cheers from OPHIS“
„The Dismal Circle“ will be released in fall 2017 by FDA Records on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download. More info soon....
OPHIS are:
Philipp Kruppa – guitar, vocals
Simon Schorneck – guitar
Olly Kröplin – bass
Steffen Brandes – drums
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